The tingles

Have you ever just sat or lay really still? Pretending to be asleep or on one of those crazy moments you get 5 mins peace and quiet and just imagine yourself tingling away slightly in your knickers? It works best when you’re dying for a wee. You can do it on the train quite easily, nobody knows! You just let all of your body go numb, you make it so don’t feel like your feet belong to you… And yet you can make the tingling work harder.You push down inside slightly. As though you’re about to wee. Then stop, like cut it off… Then harder this time, and a bit longer too. Then again, more, this time you hold your breath slightly, no hands, no one around you knows. It’s so discreet and so horny. You feel the pressure, you feel the delicate but delicious sensation tingle away. You could even do the pelvic floor exercises you were always nagged to do. Anything to bring yourself back to reality, the more you let go the stronger it gets. Imagine the very tip of your clitoris tingling now, like there’s a slight buzz of a vibrator against it. And let it push harder against you….

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