Train sex with a stranger

Travelling to work this morning I’m feeling rather blurry eyed. Not only were the kids up 3 times during the night but I have a blinding hangover – Had a few celebratory drinks with colleagues for winning a new contract.

As train pulls into a small village close to home a lady boards followed closely by a suited guy, I wouldn’t have even noticed them ordinarily but the train was so quiet and they were obviously having cross words as they got on. As I looked up the flashbacks raced through my eyes. The horror must’ve washed across my face as the surprise hit his at the exact same time.

I hadn’t felt too bad when I left the bar. I’d had a fair few glasses of champagne but it wasn’t cheap and we’d had snacks too and looking at the others i felt pretty smug that I had paced myself well.

The cold night air mixed with heady euphoria of the new win left me grinning from ear to ear as I walked to the station.

My carriage was pretty warm, well lit and as I always sat in the carriage with the huge disabled loo (this means I alighted the train just by the exit of the station) I headed straight for my usual position. No one else was on the train and my elation was becoming more heightened as I thought of the new opportunities and cash the win would generate for me. Busy Looking through Facebook updates I didn’t notice another passenger board… TO BE CONTINUED

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