Wet and horny. REALLY wet and horny.

It’s been a while but my god I’m horny. I’ve woken up from a sound sleep where I dreamt about being ass fucked.

Now, I’m not a big massive fan of anal. But this morning my god I want it bad. In fact, I want it in every hole or opening. I can’t stop thinking about the affairs I’ve had in my time and the horniness ive felt about sneaking around and grabbing some excitement wherever we can.

One of the dirtiest fuckers who cheated on his wife with me when I was much younger used to email me from a secret email address to get himself horny. We worked together but in different floors but I used to walk by his desk when I knew he was replying to me to make him feel even hotter. When he got too horny to bear it he would take himself to the toilet with his phone and a small Plastic snack pot with lid. He’d call me and I would say nothing being sat at my desk. He’d then wank himself into a total frenzy on the phone to me and spunk all over his hand into the plastic tub. I then took his cue to meet him on the stairs where he’d openly pass me the tub in an envelope referring to it as ‘something to work with’ in case anyone grew suspicious.

I then went to the cubicle where I’d video myself drinking his spunk, always being careful to spill some down the side of my mouth and then I’d email it to him. Which always got him excited again. Every day we were in the office together we performed this ritual for weeks. And everyday it turned us both on immensely, but now, if I’m forced to swallow my husbands salty load im worried about kissing the kids with my dirty mouth and that the thought of the spunk hitting the back of my throat will have me retching.

Perhaps I need a good stiff cock on tap to tease me and keep me gagging for any cum action at all. The weekly sessions grabbed when the kids are sleeping, neither of us are working, too pissed, too tired or not talking to each other isn’t really cutting it!



  • Sex with a stranger
  • Femdom dress-up
  • Sub dress-up… and a little beating!
  • Threesome… or maybe a few more!
  • Giving anal with a strap-on
  • Kissing a girl… you might like it!
  • Sex with your boss
  • Sharing your partner with a friend
  • Fantasising about a neighbour whilst secretly watching him
  • Shoot a homemade porno – on the iphone (with cloud sharing off!)
  • Sex in a moving car
  • Being watched lowering yourself onto a phallic shaped kitchen object whilst otherwise fully dressed (try this on a washing machine)

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Train sex with a stranger

Travelling to work this morning I’m feeling rather blurry eyed. Not only were the kids up 3 times during the night but I have a blinding hangover – Had a few celebratory drinks with colleagues for winning a new contract.

As train pulls into a small village close to home a lady boards followed closely by a suited guy, I wouldn’t have even noticed them ordinarily but the train was so quiet and they were obviously having cross words as they got on. As I looked up the flashbacks raced through my eyes. The horror must’ve washed across my face as the surprise hit his at the exact same time.

I hadn’t felt too bad when I left the bar. I’d had a fair few glasses of champagne but it wasn’t cheap and we’d had snacks too and looking at the others i felt pretty smug that I had paced myself well.

The cold night air mixed with heady euphoria of the new win left me grinning from ear to ear as I walked to the station.

My carriage was pretty warm, well lit and as I always sat in the carriage with the huge disabled loo (this means I alighted the train just by the exit of the station) I headed straight for my usual position. No one else was on the train and my elation was becoming more heightened as I thought of the new opportunities and cash the win would generate for me. Busy Looking through Facebook updates I didn’t notice another passenger board… TO BE CONTINUED

Durex play

Weirdly but everso conveniently the durex play range is now available at ocado. This means, when I’m doing my shop in the middle of the night whilst settling the kids back down I can casually browse into the health&wellbeing then family planning & adult online aisles… And before I know it I’ve got a little cock tickling ring and a delightful vibrating pink bullet in my bedside table, delivered discreetly and effortlessly and almost guilt free with the washing powder, nappies and nit lotion! Now I’ve got to think about actually using it… Mmmm!

The sex party

I’m not a horrid filthy bitch, but I can be… or more like, I used to be (pre 2 kids, a full-time job, husband and mortgage!).

When I was 24 I worked in a very fun and sociable environment. There was always someone to go out with and always something on.

One week I’d had a particularly rubbish time, the counselling I’d been going to had been pretty hard going on me. The guy I had been casually seeing had gone really cold and I’d had a fallout with my flatmate. I was feeling really quite self-destructive.

There was this one bloke at work. The office clown, he was loud and brash and so cheeky but everyone loved him as he had a heart of gold and was genuinely hilarious. He’d recently returned back from a secondment in Canada and so was re-establishing himself in the office a bit I suppose. He’d slept with my flatmate a few times but nothing serious was going on as he was in a relationship with a long-suffering girl he’d been with since school. He was a typical ‘jack the lad’. I liked that and strangely I found myself confiding in him a bit and really trusting him. Looking back now, I was probably convinced I was the ‘one‘ who could change him and it felt so good to be given his attention.

It was Wednesday, and I was chatting to this guy who was being really quite open about attending a party that evening. A swingers party! But it wasn’t for just anyone, he’d had to pay an extremely pricey subscription fee to be allowed to attend, he’d also had to be betted and checked out. It was going to be held in a penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames, by the London Eye… the more he told me, the more intrigued I was.

I genuinely didn’t fancy this bloke. I suppose I admired him being so popular and outgoing, I was quite jealous and also extremely flattered when I thought he was paying me any attention – that I must be ‘cool’ enough to bother with. I liked that.

We went out for a cigarette and whilst we were out he asked me if I wanted to come with him to the party. He assured me that nothing would happen if I didn’t want it to. No one would touch me without my consent, we wouldn’t be doing anything together and it would just be really good fun if we could go together to have a laugh about it tomorrow. He said it would just be really interesting for me to see what goes on and the type of people that come along. That afternoon was so productive at work. Everything went my way and so I felt it was some strange turn of fate and that it was meant to be.

Before end of play I rushed over to Boots and Next – the only shops close by and bought all the essentials. Clean pants with matching bra, deodorant, wipes, pro-plus, all the classy stuff you pack into a basket and hope no one you know sees the tell-tale contents!

At 5:30 we left the office and went over for after work drinks with colleagues. I downed at least 3 vodkas v quickly and despite ordinarily being a natural ‘confessionalist’… sharing everything with everyone to make myself feel better. I remained pretty mute. I think it’s because I hadn’t done anything yet! We stayed for drinks until about 7:30 and then he whispered it was time to go. ‘give me 5 more mins’ I pleaded and lit another cigarette whilst ordering a shot.

‘No one is making you do this’ I reassured myself as I felt for my travelcard in my pocket. I could go home at any point. It also comforted me to know that I had just been paid and could easily afford a cab all the way home if necessary, but jesus this was exciting and scary and I pretty much loved that. I turned round and saw him begin to walk away after saying goodbye to everyone. I hastily got my stuff together and did a ‘french departure’ just leaving very quickly and unnoticed. He jumped into a black taxi around the corner and I just made it in time to follow.

The taxi took us, in silence, aside from my continual need for his reassurance… ‘are you sure it will be ok’, ‘what if I have to pay. I have no cash’, ‘what type of people will be there?’ the questions went on and on, if only to fill the extreme nervous void I felt encapsulated in.

We pulled up alongside a BP petrol station. He got out and paid. I felt really quite drunk by now and stumbled around to find my bag. He took my arm and helped me up, ‘it’s gonna be fine, just don’t worry’ he said in his comforting soft, northern accent. I instantly felt so much more relieved, for about a second. And then reality hit… as he handed me a cigarette he also gave me an open bottle of wine to glug. I have never drunk so hard and so fast, until it burnt too much.

We made our way to the plush looking apartments, past the concierge and into the huge mirrored lift. ‘We’re pretty early, but at least that means you can get used to it all and relax a bit’.

A small, pretty-ugly middle-aged man with glasses and dressed in an expensive suit opened the penthouse door. ‘WELCOME’ he gleamed, ‘I’m Roger and who are you?’ as we introduced ourselves we were ushered towards the kitchen. ‘there’s plenty of drinks and nibbles, help yourself both of you, and make yourselves at home’ he handed us both a sheet of paper to read and sign. It was to promise we’d practice safe sex, we’d only have consenting sex and that no pics/videos would be taken, etc. I could barely read the words but scrawled my signature regardless.

‘Hi, is this your first time?’ a small oriental girl in a business suit came over. ‘Yeah’, I said cautiously. ‘It’s only my second time but I loved it so much I’m back for more! It’s escapism from my mundane life and it’s a bit of excitement!’ she replied. I turned round to see the middle-aged man collecting money from the new group of men who had just arrived. ‘How much is it?’ I asked the girl. She laughed at me and said, ‘oh no sister, we don’t pay… the men pay for our company!’

I gulped slightly as she handed me a large drink.

I took my drink and made my way to the sofa, where I sat down on the edge. Everyone was just making polite conversation, it all felt so forced but I strangely felt myself relax, just slightly.

What I found bizarre was that everyone was dressed in normal clothes, work clothes! To a passer-by you would think it was a networking event!

After I finished the 2 drink, and passed pleasantries for long enough I decided to have a look around.

There were four bedrooms in the apartment, 1 had the door closed and the other 3 were open. I couldn’t believe that whilst I’d been pottering about with drinks so much had been going on! As I watched him fuck a faceless woman in the arse I felt a rush of adrenalin flow through me. There were 2 men standing watching holding themselves. One of them caught my eye and signalled for me to come into the room. I shook my head nervously and rushed through to the safety of the lounge again.

As I lowered myself down on the sofa I felt someone grab at my pussy, as I jumped and turned round my eyes met a well-built, very handsome, smartly dressed and very well spoken chap, ‘I’m so sorry, I couldn’t resist’.

‘that’s absolutely fine’ I found myself saying. As he undid my button the Roger asked us to move into a bedroom – ‘remember, leave the door open if you’re happy for others to watch, I know I want to’

Practically running into the bedroom full of nerves and excitement, I sat on the bed, suddenly the drinks were taking their toll and I felt so relaxed and carefree. The nice young man had left the door open and although I noticed the sensation as i felt his fingers began pounding into my hole totally distracted me and I soon forgot.

I reached down to release his huge cock and as I bent over to suck it someone else began to caress my arse. A voice said, ‘just say no at any point it becomes too much or you want to stop’.

I was mute, aside from a little groan as his fist entered me.

The guy behind me slipped his cock straight into me, and as I gasped my head was carefully positioned onto the first guys cock. I suddenly realised my eyes were closed and as I opened them I looked into the dimly lit room and saw 12 guys (I knew because I counted them twice in disbelief ), all standing around us and getting off on watching us. Immediately turned on I yelped as I came and the cock reached the back of my throat whilst the other one pummelled harder into me. It wasn’t long before the cock in my mouth erupted all over my face and at the same time the cock in my pussy was whipped out and I felt spunk tip down my arse.

As the blowjob cock moved off the bed another guy quickly replaced him and began to kiss my neck whilst cleaning my face off with a tissue, he started off gently but then his hands began to grab at my nipples, twisting them before sucking hard, with teeth, I felt the blood rush to the tips as I also felt a new size cock enter me from behind. The room was quickly filling up, I lost count at 21 men in there, all pulling at their cocks watching me.

I noticed my first encounter, the well spoken, blow job man was hard again and I signalled for him to come onto the bed with us. As I stroked at his cock I asked the one in my pussy to back off and signalled for the blow job guy to enter me. As his tip entered my arse I felt my sphincter tighten. Whilst I had wanted him in me, I was nervous of being arse fucked here whilst being watched, i tried to lower my embarrassment into the bed but The nipple guy shoved his cock into my mouth and began smacking my face with his hard, wet tool.

There were hands everywhere, up my cunt, pulling at my tits and stroking at my whole body. I had a cock in my arse and one being masturbated at my face. I had lost count of how many times I felt the familiar twinge and pulsation of my pussy as I came. I did know I had never been so horny or turned on by what I was experiencing.

As we shuffled round I lay down on my back on the bed to get some breathing space and encourage the men to move away from me slightly – I couldn’t quite believe it.. As I lay there surveying the room around me a rush of euphoria and power raced through my bones, there were men on the floor, on the chairs, standing up, sitting down, there were even girls in there, some draped around a man, some just spectating, but my god, they were ALL watching me, getting off on me and enjoying what I was enjoying so much alongside me, the room was absolutely packed!

How did so many people join us and I hadn’t realised?

The trouble is this feeling just made me want it more, and again, with more men… but I’d be more picky this time about who could touch me I thought. But then, as the guy from work and the small Asian girl neared the bed together I realised I wanted them all, I loved this feeling and being so turned on meant I didn’t care who touched me. Just then Roger’s skinny and cold hand nervously started creeping up my leg. ‘I’m going to have you as my plaything’ I thought!

My first time…

I wasn’t sure where to start with the blog so I thought I’d start at the beginning, after all the ‘1st base’ encounters, and even an entirely forgettable ‘home run’ I thought it would be pretty decent of me to share my first ‘proper’ (in that I was sober and actually really fancied him) shag. Names have been changed to protect identities rah rah rah! enjoy…


In my last year of senior school, I was not the prettiest girl in the class, none-the-less, the boys loved me for my good will, and outgoing personality! I had the build of a girl that should play sports; although I seldom did. My birthday was a week away, and I was going to be 18. I wanted to do something fun for my birthday that was just for me. I was thinking about maybe a total make-over and a party at Epping Forest Country Club! I had plenty of friends, and most people knew me as someone who stood up for herself and anyone else being targeted.

I never really got into sports, but I loved drama. A month before my birthday the school were holding auditions for Sleeping Beauty. Our school was well known for our productions. When I walked in and saw that the back of the director’s head wasn’t the head I was used to looking at, I realized that a supply teacher was producing the show, and the Director, Mr. Parker, was not even nearing 30. He was a very attractive man, a keen rugby player with shaggy hair. My chums told me that in the changing rooms, after rugby they saw his nipple ring which seemed really odd as he just didn’t seem like ‘that’ type, he had no dress sense and one day wore a jumper my dad sported most weekends! It didn’t matter; either way I was immediately attracted to him

I ended up getting the role of the evil step-mother, but being such a key role my nerves kicked in, so I decided to ask for help. A few days after being given the role I approached Mr. Parker, asking him to help me form a character. His shirt was slightly damp after his shower (he’d just refereed a match) and had got almost transparent, and I was admiring his pecs when he beckoned me to his side.

“You’re not listening to me are you?” He commented. “Come here and read this line to me!”

“Sorry…just nervous about the role.” I fumbled my words trying to cover my embarrassment of being caught staring at him. “Come over here and read that line again” I walked to his side, and leaned over the back of his chair to follow the words, accidentally brushing my hand across his shoulder. I knew he could feel the warmth of my body because he immediately got tense. My boobs were nearly stroking his cheek with every breath I took, and I could feel my nipples rubbing against my shirt as I became increasingly turned on. “Thou sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!?” I began to read the text above his extended finger

After about 20 minutes of rehearsals, it was time to pack up and get the bus home however the magnetism between us was undeniable and I wanted to continue touching him even after he got into his car across the street from the bus stop. I went home, a little disappointed, daydreaming about making him my birthday present!

Over the next few weeks as reheasals increased we spent a lot of time in each others company and a week after my birthday, I felt things were getting on top of me, with school work, rehearsals and my commitments at home, life was getting too hectic. Mr Parker recognised there was something wrong and asked me what was going on in my life. I trusted him, after spending so much time in his company and I confided in him.

“And now my dad has been called away on business so I need to spend more time at home helping my mum with my brothers, it just feels like everything is getting on top of me, I don’t know if I can handle it all,” I blurted out. At this point I was beginning to forget ever wanting him because he was more like a friend than a fantasy in my mind.

He put a reassuring hand on my shoulder “ listen. You’re a strong person and I’m sure it’s not going to be easy, but I’m here if you need me.” He put his arms around me and embraced me affectionately. He was in such a close proximity to me that I could feel something inside me stir and all those feelings came back. I wanted him, and the dampness between my legs agreed. I slowly turned to look up at him and his face was only inches from mine.

As I blushed and looked down to my feet he pulled my chin up and kissed me. It wasn’t the confident, dominant kiss I had fantasised about but it sent shivers through my body and stirred something pretty powerful in my knickers.

As it finished I didn’t know where to look and I just began to giggle incessantly, I didn’t know what else to do. There was nothing funny about the moment but out of nerves, embarrassment and disbelief this was an entirely involuntary natural reaction. As I calmed down I looked at him and he looked really hurt, my face straightened up and I shrunk back to my student status, feeling like a 1st year all over again. Entirely terrified and intimidated I looked back down to my feet and murmured “Thanks you” – it was all I could think of to say. The moment before he spoke to me again seemed to last a lifetime. “Oh God, I think you should go, this is all wrong and there are severe consequences for this kind of thing.”

“No. I’m so sorry; I didn’t find anything funny, I don’t know why I laughed. I have just wished for that to happen so many times I felt elated and it caught me off-guard that it was actually happening. Please, don’t make me leave.”

His back was to me but I put my hands on his shoulders, and I felt his body relax as he realized that I wasn’t upset and that he hadn’t taken advantage of me. When he turned around the look on his face was exactly like I had been imagining for so long. He took hold of my arms and pressed me up against the classroom wall.
I knew how wet I was and I couldn’t wait to have some part of him inside of me. I threw off my blazer, loosened my tie and let him start to undo the buttons on my shirt, revealing my black bra and erect nipples.

He was wearing my favourite tshirt on him – a tight fitting, well worn Gap t-shirt, he looked and felt so good, and way better than I’d ever imagined

As he ran his hands all over my chest and back, he breathed into my ear and I felt his breath tingle all the way down my neck. His tongue frantically explored every crevice of my hungry mouth. I reached to touch his nipple ring and he gasped with delight.

As his hands move up my body he movedl my arms off him, without any struggle I gave in and he pinned me against the wall, kissing my mouth and my neck.

He was stimulating me so well with his mouth that I didn’t notice him take off his pants and undo my bra. I still had my hands against the wall like I was pinned but when I felt him slide the straps of my bra off my shoulders I dropped them to my sides and my bra fell on the floor exposing my hard, light pink nipples.

As he kneeled down to tongue my nipple I reached for his head and ran my fingers forcefully through his hair, pulling his tongue harder and closer to me. As his hands reached up my skirt I felt his fingers rub lightly over my pussy. Just touching so softly initially and then more pressure before he stood up with his now exposed cock held hard in his fist. As he leant against me his fingers slid my knickers to the side and his cock rubbed against my clit. I gasped in anticipation and begged him, “please just give it to me, fuck me, fuck me now” Closing my eyes I started to brace myself to receive him. As I felt my leg being lifted over his shoulder I gasped in delight to feel him bury his face in my pussy. It felt amazing, as his tongue delve deeper into me, exploring every crevice I moaned out loud whilst thrusting my hips into his face, trying to get more.

As I was about to cum he pulled his head away and began kissing my body again, I whimpered “please don’t stop, I’m loving this”, but he kissed me and began rubbing each of my tits to make it up to me. My hands slowly travelled down his torso and my right one found his hard cock. As soon as I touched it, it throbbed in, my hand. We were both breathing so heavily and the more I stroked his thick cock, the more he moaned and shook.

“You had better stop that, or I’m going to cum all over you,” he whispered into my ear in the sexiest voice I ever heard.

I sat him back down in his chair and kneeled in front of him. I had only given two blowjobs my entire life, but both boys had complimented me, so I licked hard at the head of his dick before taking him into my throat and savouring every morsel of his cock. It didn’t take long at all, he took a sharp breath in, but breathed out with a moan and came right to the back of my throat, as I wretched slightly. He kissed me hard, even though I’d swallowed all of is cum. He turned away and pulled his top back on and trousers up.

He didn’t stop though “Can you sit on my desk please?” I knew how wet I was and that my knickers had done little to soak up my excitement so as I sat down I tucked the back of my skirt under me. Seeing what I’d done he reached around me to pull my skirt out from under my bottom and up around my waist exposing my white cum soaked knickers, embarrassed I closed my legs together. As he walked around the desk he undid his fly revealing his solid cock again, poking proudly out of his zip. He forced my legs apart, slid my knickers to the side (although this time, being so warm and wet I suddenly felt cold and exposed). Given no time to think about the temperature he thrusted his cock right into me. Hard and deep and at the same time groaned deep into my neck. He pumped into me and then stepped right away from me, leaving me hovering on the edge of his desk gagging for more. “Bend over princess” I shuffled off of the desk, desperate to please him, threw my knickers to the floor and bent over his desk. Suddenly I felt him purge two fingers inside me and I winced at the pain of his big, manly fingers fucking my tight, pussy. I couldn’t wait anymore, and I begged him to take me again, but harder. Now the head of his cock was purple, and so hard I thought it would burst immediately, but he pushed in the head and very slowly began the rest of his shaft. My body was on fire, and the pain felt so good “more, please sir, more” he pulled at my hair and then as he pumped into me his hands reached round to hold and pull at my tits. It was all too much, I yelped out in pleasure. As I held on to the other side of the desk he pummelled hard into me and as his pace quickened, he whispered “You’re so tight. I have always wanted you. I watched you up on stage, and I could just imagine what it would be like to slide inside of your hot, wet cunt.”

“Deeper!” I whispered in the quietest voice possible. I wanted to scream, but we were in a school, having sex on a teacher’s desk. He continued to push his cock into me for what felt like hours. I dug my nails into his desk and with one last deep thrust, he pushed all of his cock into me and I felt my pussy fill with his juice whilst his body shuddered against me.


Following that day Mr Parker (and my knickers) didn’t return to the school. His absence was explained to us by the Deputy Head who stated that he’d had to return home to deal with a terminally ill family member. Mrs Foote took over the play after he left and although (even if I do say so myself), I gave an excellent performance I could feel my knickers moisten as I read “Thou sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!?”

The tingles

Have you ever just sat or lay really still? Pretending to be asleep or on one of those crazy moments you get 5 mins peace and quiet and just imagine yourself tingling away slightly in your knickers? It works best when you’re dying for a wee. You can do it on the train quite easily, nobody knows! You just let all of your body go numb, you make it so don’t feel like your feet belong to you… And yet you can make the tingling work harder.You push down inside slightly. As though you’re about to wee. Then stop, like cut it off… Then harder this time, and a bit longer too. Then again, more, this time you hold your breath slightly, no hands, no one around you knows. It’s so discreet and so horny. You feel the pressure, you feel the delicate but delicious sensation tingle away. You could even do the pelvic floor exercises you were always nagged to do. Anything to bring yourself back to reality, the more you let go the stronger it gets. Imagine the very tip of your clitoris tingling now, like there’s a slight buzz of a vibrator against it. And let it push harder against you….

Mummy porn

It’s not that I don’t love, worship and entirely adore my husband, its that I’m exhausted, I feel bloated, ugly, hideous even, I have no time for myself and my legs, amongst many other places, have needed shaving for the last two weeks. The washing needs to be hung out, the dishwasher needs emptying, the online shop needs to be completed and the uniforms need to be out ready for the morning. Plus I seem to constantly have this urgent need to bank sleep whenever I can as its always unknown how bad the night ahead my be with the kids. The very last thing in the world I feel like doing is getting down to ‘business’ with my old man. Its a constant competition of who’s had the least sleep, who works the hardest, who has the hardest life and it sucks.
I didn’t particularly like fifty shades of grey, in fact I found it really tedious and an additional chore to read in places, BUT… it put sex back on my agenda at least. It re-ignited what was once a very saucy, almost sleazy imp within me and I liked it. I liked it a lot. But I want more, I want to be able to have sex and not be worrying the the packed lunches aren’t packed and that the fish need feeding or the oven cleaning. I want carefree, fun, rampant and exciting sex again. #fiftyshadesofgrey can kiss my big one. I’m going bigger, better, and real. I want a forum where my other mummy chums can share, I want fantasies set in England, with realistic characters. No billionaires, no ‘rules’ and no end of a trilogy…